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The last word on innovation

LamiAl’s advanced technologies used in production systems of the latest generation enable the company to process materials to the very highest standards of quality at every step in the production process, which extends from cold-rolling of aluminium to finishing and surface treatments applied to it.


Cold rolling mill 2 meters width

The six-cylinder 2 meter-width cold rolling mill can process coils to the customers’ required thickness, from 9.0mm to 0.15mm. This single-direction plant is equipped with efficient automation systems to control the process, thickness and flatness.

It is a precise and innovative machinery, which can guarantee the highest quality and quantity standards.

Heat Treatment line for producing 6xxx alloys in T4

This innovative line is composed by cleaning, continuous heat treatment, pre-aging treatment and marking sections.
The floating passage of the coil guarantees a uniform temperature along the entire material length, reducing to the minimum extent surface defects and complying to the highest quality standards in production.

Different alloys can be processed: 6xxx, 5xxx, 2xxx and 7xxx, with different tempers, such as T4, T4* and T6.

Pickling and passivation line

This line is composed of cleaning and pickling section, passivation and electrostatic oiling (pre-lube and dry-lube).

The high technology of this equipment guarantees our clients good painting adhesion, corrosion protection, oxide layer deceleration, in addition to excellent welding and bonding performance.

Slitting and cut-to-lenght lines

The slitting and cut-to-lenght lines guarantee the production of coils, slitted coils and sheets with high cut accuracy and precise tolerance values, however small, required by final customers.

Alloys 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx
Physical states H1x, H2x, H3x
Tempering for 6xxx alloys T4
Width 2500 mm max
Thickness 0,15 - 9 mm
Surface Mill Finish, EDT, Pickling, Passivation, Interlayered paper, PE protective film
Lubrication Pre-Lube, Dry-Lube
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